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PurePro Ionizer JA-503
PurePro Ionizer JA-503

Pure Pro Ionizer JA-503: This Ionizer Ja-503 is one of the best water ionizer machines for your home. It can be installed easily to your existing water supply and you can enjoy safe and beneficial water to drink in your home. You can choose one of 4 levels ionized alkaline water. This is best to keep the body healthy. For washing and cleaning, you can choose from one for 2 ionized acidic levels.


Specifications : 

  • Four levels of alkaline water.
  • Two levels of acid water, including super-oxide.
  • Filter water (non-ionized) - by Silver Coated Activated Carbon Filter
  • Stainless steel output spout
  • Stylish upright look with full electronic LED panel.
  • Water flow display indicator.pH display indicator
  • ORP display indicator
  • Built-in auto-flushing electrode.
  • Unique post-operation automatic and silent cleansing for extended lifespan
  • Sound confirmation every time you select a different pH level
  • Filter usage liquid crystal display indicator
  • Easy 1-minute change filter compartment
  • Optional ability to connect direct to plumbing and operate under mains pressure
  • Hydrogen-rich water (Hydrogen-rich water)
  • Voltage : AC-110V / AC-220V.
  • Electricity: D-2A~6A
  • Electrolysis Chamber: Area: 750cm2
  • Power consumption: 100-200W
  • ORO level : +500MV ~ -400MV
  • Filtration Capacity: 12,000L
  • Dimensions: (cm) 31.5 (L) x 27.5 (W) x 14 (H)
  • Weight: 4.7 kg
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