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Le toucan
Le toucan

Become the king of the jungle and relax with this toucan buoy Kerlis

In summer, one goal: rest, relax, change, ideas, tanning ... In short, lazy prime and you're right. The beautiful days are good for morale and the rest, and you have to enjoy!


The beginning of lazing can begin as soon as you walk in the door of your home. You put your feet in the water or you completely dipping. It would be best to be able to dip and tan at the same time. The solution ? An inflatable buoy, of course. But be careful, we also aim for originality.


The pressure inside the toucan buoy is ideal for feeling comfortable and totally comfortable when you're inside. You will be like a cock in dough and totally relaxed. You will feel on a small cloud.


We know that you like the farniente as much as we do, but having fun counts just as much, especially the summer when everyone can enjoy it. So as much as having a funny buoy such as this one, very original with its toucan head. You will be the king of the jungle, and you will win every battle. The toucan is very resistant in case of shock! Your buoy will not suffer any damage, deformations or damage, if it is a little shaken.


Very practical to inflate and deflate, you can take it everywhere with you when you go to the edge of the water, whether in your pool or at the beach. It will delight both young and old. Inflatable buoys have become essential accessories to make the most of your personal lagoon. With the use, what will be a play accessory for the children will be thus an asset of rest for the parents!


All you have to do is sit comfortably in your new Toucan buoy, half in the fresh water and in the sun, for a moment of relaxation and perfect relaxation. Take a book to entertain you if you wish, or even a cocktail, and enjoy this moment of peaceful happiness ...

  • Universe - Festive
  • Style - Fun
  • Our favourite : Originality
  • Place of use : Outside
  • Space : swimming pool
  • Color : black
  • Finish : plasticised
  • Opacity : opaque
  • Material : Plastic
  • Height : 85 cm
  • Diameter : 110 cm
  • Place of manufacture : European
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