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Heat Pump LCSPC70 - 7 kW
Heat Pump LCSPC70 - 7 kW

This swimming pool heat pump is one of the most economical and energy efficient systems to heat a swimming pool. Using free renewable energy from the air, a Lailey & Coates swimming pool heat pump can be up to 5 times more efficient than a traditional heating system, lengthening your swimming season from not only summer months, but also winter time!


  • Ecological and economical heating
    By making use of the renewable energy in the outside air, our pool heat pumps consume much less energy with low carbon emission, using environment friendly advanced refrigerant R410A which has no effect on Ozone.

  • Titanium heat exchanger
    An advanced titanium heat exchanger guarantees a long life span protecting from corrosion and rust allowing use with all types of water treatment such as chlorinate, iodine, bromine and even salt water.
  • Multiple functions
    - Cooling and heating functions available;
    - Auto operation, Auto-restart, Auto defrost
    - Timer on/off: no human attendance is required
    - Wide ambient working condition: - 5°C to 43°C

  • Operation Protection
    To guarantee the stable running of the unit} multiple protection devices have been implemented which include insufficient water flow protection, high/low pressure protection, overload protection, compressor protection.

  • Self-diagnosis
    The swimming pool heat pump control unit continuously runs self-diagnosis checks displaying live data on the LCD screen for simple observation.



7.11 kW

Power Input*

1.18 kW



Max Power Input

1.84 kW

Max. Current

8.36 A

Water Flow

3.05 /h

Net Weight

44 kg


(capacity, power input & COP results through these conditions)
*Ambient 24°C - Water 26°C - 28°C out

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