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Heat Pump - PASRW050 Monophase- 100 m³
Heat Pump - PASRW050 Monophase- 100 m³

Includes Monobloc and Split type. High quality galvanized metal coat, corrosion resistance for a longer life, titanium exchanger, strong resistibility of erosion, high efficiency, safety, easy installation, and a heating capacity from 30, 000 - 200, 000 BTU/h.


  • Long operating life: Using the advanced stainless steel / titanium metal water heat exchanger, which resists the erosion from chlorine in the water, creates a longer lifespan
  • Economical and high-efficiency: Using heat pump technology, compared with other ordinary hot water equipment (for example, combustion oil boilers, combustion gas boilers, electronic boilers and so on), it reduces operating costs by 65-80%. In addition it creates very little pollution
  • Bright design, easy installation and replacement: Unit design separately for main model and water unit model, with water unit inside, avoiding freezing in the winter. The unit is remarkably compact, with pump and flow switch inside
  • Advanced controlling: Extremely easy to control. The swimming pool heat pump unit is in the room, because of the mini-computer intelligent controlling and LCD display controller
  • Safety: Water and electricity are insulated, no open fire, no creepage
  • Quiet: Using the high-efficiency, low sound rotary or scroll compressor, low noise fan, high quality pump quiet machine
  • High technology heat exchangers: Due to brand and heat exchanger, it runs more efficiently
  • Safety: Protected from running in bad running circumstances, such as water temperature, compressor exhaust pressure, compressor temperature, evaporator temperature and so on.
Heating capacity (KW)

21 (Monophase)

Output - (btu/h)


Heating power input (kw)

4.3 / 4.3

Running current heating (A)

19.5 / 79.5

Power supply (v)


Fan direction


Pool volume (mt cube)



Length: 720 mm
Width: 660 mm
Height: 880 mm

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